All harvestable repeatable forms of inexhaustible Natural Energy (Solar, Gravity, Geothermal, Earth’s Rotation)

as well as their resultants (Hydro-, Wave-, Tides’-, Water-Current, Wind- Power)

for transformation into Electrons as well as recovery of Solar Energy chemically stored in regenerative Biomass.

In European Brand Institute's (EBI) joint efforts with UNIDO to advance sustainable industrial development we have due to current constraints declared security of affordable Sustainable Energy Supply for all a priority topic. 


Inspired by IP- valuation inquiries we realized existence of substantial innovative solutions manifested in Patents and branded Know- How to go ways beyond the generally discussed scope of solutions preached as Climate change Mitigation Solutions rebuffing existing Energy Supply chain stakeholders. 


In view of SDG17 (United Nations) we were looking for potential solution paths that could allow for partnerships between existing market- owners and low carbon emission decarbonization societal objectives. 

In particular, our attention was raised for already proven technologies for decarbonization of carbohydrates and hydrocarbons leading to a qualitative growth. 

Conservatively estimated the revenue multiple could also be applied to the Brand Value of a company engaging in such a qualitative growth. 


However, having taken a detailed deep dive into more sustainable, practices, overall sustainability aspects of a sector coupling between energy carriers' decarbonization with light weight materials, low- energy processing and Climate change adaption measures may lead to much higher scoring in Brands' Sustainability rating going forward. This brings us back to our observation of Brands building prosperity and wealth for the people in our world. 


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