We have a team of experienced professionals with varied background in international markets and we are team players. At Summerlight we invest, advise and work together with owners and managers in order to unlock a company's and it´s Brand(s) full potential. 

We look for SME/Midcap companies with a turnover between 10-150 Million Euros, with a competitive position, positive earnings, a stable cash flows and the potential for significant earnings growth driven by robust organic growth or combined with the execution of strategic acquisitions.

We partner with talented managers in high-growth companies, typically investing between 5-25 Million Euros. We provide capital, advice and enthusiasm to guide them through a period of growth.

The geographic focus is on Europe with a priority on DACH and IBERIA, but also with an opportunistic approach to other European countries.


As a part of our Investmetn strategz we would  work with you to develop your Brand to  be used for licencing, as Colleteral or to support your balance sheet. We could unbundle your Brand or activate a sleeping Brand.



Growing Trends towards Omni-Channel retailers, providing offerings in stores, Digital Platform and B2B in fresh and exciting concepts,  make  this  a challenging  but a dynamic sector. Retailers for Food, Home Furnishing, Deco, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports and Mobility are in our focus.

Consumer products

The understanding of trends, and consumer behaviours and the communication of the product and offering trough strong consumer Brands and different sales channels is important for strong growth. Consumer products for Health & Wellness, Deco, Lifestyle,

Cooking, Sports, Mobility, Fashion Accessories, Natural and Organic Products are in our focus.

Service industry

The branded Service  Industry is an important Factor for differentiation  and certain sectors  have a strong growth potential either as B2B or B2C offering. Increasing amounts are spend in the Leisure Industry, Tourism, Recreation, Entertainment and Sports. Traditional government run sectors such as education, Labratories and health services getting privately