Our Focus

As team player, our team consists of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in international markets.  At SummerLight, we offer alternative financing, consult and work with various global companies and managers to unlock the full potential of a company and its brand. 


Sustainable and renewable energy

We support sustainable energy projects to be able to meet the growing demand of today's people, without compromising the needs of present and future generations. 

The energy supply of the world needs to grow. changes in technology have given rise to many alternative sources of energy. 

We develop renewable energy projects in solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower. 

Consumer products

The understanding of trends, consumer behavior, the communication of the product and offering through strong consumer brands and different sales channels is important for strong growth. Consumer products for health & wellness, decoration, lifestyle, cooking, sports, mobility, fashion accessories, natural and organic products are in our focus.

Service industry

A discussion about the relevance and specifics of brand management for services is taking over in service industries. Certain sectors offers a strong growth potential either as B2B or B2C. 

Increasing amounts are spend in the leisure industry, tourism, recreation, entertainment and sports. Traditional governmental sectors such as education, laboratories and health services are getting privately owned.


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