We develop and grow SME/Midcap companies with Consumer Brands in retail, consumer products and service industry to new national/regional and global champions.

We don´t just invest in companies, we partner and work hand in hand with owners and management teams to create value and success through Brand and operational developments. 

Importance of brands for companies

  • 40-60 % of a company value derives from its brand value
  • Specialized Funds are outperforming generalist funds
  • Companies which are invested in the brand define their own USP and DNA and are not solely dependent on price


summerlight_investment criteria

Our focus

At Summerlight we invest, advise and work together with owners and managers in order to unlock a company's and it´s Brand(s) full potential. 



What we do

We are a Private Equity Investor into fast growing consumer companies with a strong brand in Europe. We believe effective partnerships drive success. Our team is made up of highly successful and experienced professionals, focused on helping our portfolio companies to achieve their goals and to grow national/regional and international.




Who we are

As International experts in operations, brands and finance, we have the knowledge and expertise to support management teams make the right strategic decisions and to help our portfolio companies achieve their goals. With our Fund based in Luxembourg we have service offices in Vienna - Austria,  and Madrid- Spain, to be close to your business and understand your needs and market environment.




  • Sector, Geography
  • Equity & Debt skill set
  • Entrepreneurial and operational skill set for change management & value creation
  • Brand valuation, creation and development


  • Substantial network in many countries of
  • Company owners
  • Deal advisers, lawyers & banks
  • Pro-active and structured sourcing approach

Professional Network

  • Substantial network of professional advisers for complex transactions
  • Best quality internal corporate finance & operational skills
  • Highest quality corporate and financial investment partnerships
  • Track record and successful private equity investor and entrepreneurs


  • Experts with financial, brand and operational skill set & international experience

Deal closing ability & clear exit path from day 1 onwards.