A team of experts with financial, brand and operational skills and international experience assure brand valuation, creation and development of brands with highest quality, corporate and financial investment partnerships.


A substantial network of professional advisers for complex transactions focusses on fast growing consumer brands in retail, consumer products. Our investment geography is strictly europe, DE, A and IBERIA as core regions with offices in Vienna and Lisbon.

summerlight_importance of brands for companies

Importance of Brands for Companies

  • 40-60 % of a company value derives from its brand value
  • Specialized Funds are outperforming generalist funds
  • Companies which are invested in the brand define their own USP and DNA and are not solely dependent on price


summerlight_investment criteria

Investment Criteria

  • Strong consumer brand and brand recognition and a potential that the brand can  grow regional/international and with the potential for leading position in the sector of expertise
  • Talented & strong management




SummerLight has a highly experienced team of investment professionals with considerable and varied background in international markets, and with an increasing focus on the DE, A and IBERIA region. In addition the manager will employ experienced investment professionals operating in Vienna and Lisbon.



The Process to a Consumer Brand Investment

  • Quality Brand
  • Brand Valuation
  • Market & Consumer
  • Risk Valuation
  • Financial Structuring
  • Growth & Values




  • Sector, Geography
  • Equity & Debt skill set
  • Entrepreneurial and operational skill set for change management & value creation
  • Brand valuation, creation and development


  • Substantial network in many countries of
  • Company owners
  • Deal advisers, lawyers & banks
  • Pro-active and structured sourcing approach

Professional Network

  • Substantial network of professional advisers for complex transactions
  • Best quality internal corporate finance & operational skills
  • Highest quality corporate and financial investment partnerships
  • Track record and successful private equity investor and entrepreneurs


  • Experts with financial, brand and operational skill set & international experience

Deal closing ability & clear exit path from day 1 onwards