iconvienna Brand Global Summit 2019

SummerLight Capital Partners took part in this years iconvienna Brand Global Summit under the motto "Brands create prosperity".

Klaus Müllner joined the highly expertised panel-discussion on "Brand investments - alternative financing" at the Vienna International Centre. Together with Weixi Gong, Chief of Investment Promotion, Department TII, UNIDO,   Edgar Baum, Founder & CEO, Avasta Incorporated and Herbert Kovar, Partner Deloitte, Mr. Müllner discussed the benefits for a brand investments both for the macro economy but also for SMEs.

"Brand Investments via Private Equity Funds create value for the companies, the investors and the Macro-economy and support some of the SDG goals.", Müllner stated during the Conference. "It supports the transition to a knowledge and digital economy and creates jobs and growth. Brands are also more resilient to crisis and promote innovation." he added. 

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"Who benefits from Alternative Financing of Brands"

Investments in Brands are benefiting all involved stakeholders and also provides significant impact to the Macro-Economy, the society and is therefore a contributor to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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