We are a Private Equity Investor into fast growing consumer companies with a strong brand in Europe. We believe effective partnerships drive success.

Our team is made up of highly successful and experienced professionals, focused on helping our portfolio companies to achieve their goals and to grow national/regional and international.

At Summerlght, we get involved and make things happen. With a highly focused team of experts, we are decisive and can act quickly. Most importantly, we invest institutional capital with a human touch.  

The investment and advisory team has a strong track record of value creation and operational, Brand and financial experience in many international markets. And we commit to building strong partnerships and provide support throughout the life of our investment.

Responsible Investing

We are committed to the development of a dedicated programme across our firm and our portfolio. We believe that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues can have a material Impact on financial performance and the communities in which both Summerlight and our portfolio  companies operate. We are committed to a responsible investment programme and seek to maintain best practice across our firm and throughout our portfolio companies.


Transfer part of your business

We could partner as minority or majority  shareholder and buy shares and/or provide  equity and financing to the company. Selling a part of your business can help to de-risk your own personal financial situation whilst allowing you to stay involved. With an experienced partner like Summerlight, which provides financing and know-how, you can afford to grow your business and develop your Brand in new Markets and business segments.

Sell your business

Whether it’s time to retire, gradually take a step back, pass the business on or move onto something new.
Summerlight can help you to realise the value of your hard work and take the business forward to the next stage. 

Management buy-out / Management buy-in

We can support management teams acquire equity ownership of the company they have helped to build or are interested to become a part of.
Summerlight has experience in the financing, transformation , strategy and support how to grow the  business.

Brand tools

As a part of our Investment strategy we would work with you to develop your Brand to be used for licencing, as Colleteral or to support your balance sheet. We could unbundle your Brand or activate a sleeping Brand.